Magical Conversations – a New Language for Success Today

Discover how when men and women work seamlessly together, they can create new business collaborations that generate amazing sustainable results!

Do you ever feel like you aren’t being respected or “heard”? Do conflicts take up your time?

Do you have problems relating to your boss, co-workers, or employees, and with your spouse, kids, friends, or family members?


Unnecessary misunderstandings can come up between men and women at work and at home. Pauline Crawford-Omps delivers accelerated courses that helps you ask the questions you don’t want to ask to gain new perspectives for resolution and success. Here approach teaches you ways to help you recognize opportunities to transform conflict into a force for good.


The Magical Conversations book is a navigation tool to a success life, that delivers immediate results and gives you techniques you can use right away.

Forward thinking Professionals are now looking for a new preparedness from men and women alike in business on a whole range of personal and professional attributes which add to their requirements. Men and women are expected to achieve similar leverage in business even though possessing different natural attributes. With the current economic uncertainty, women especially need to be prepared for every business communication in a male environment. 

All parties need to ensure every word counts as a Magical Conversation so that men understand what matters to her, and every woman brings her contribution to the business table to be heard my men.  Being seen, heard and understood, whether in a corporate role or an entrepreneurial enterprise, begins by understanding your Magical Conversation approach using the Gender Dynamics© Map and your natural positioning whether at work and play!

What Men and Women Want” has been a topical issue for the last decade, however now with so many women seeking career opportunities and leadership roles alongside men, everyone benefits from this new perspective for successful conversations that matter.

Pauline Crawford Presents

Why we need Open Minded Perspectives for men and women to navigate the business and life landscape together in today’s fast changing world.

How to Master Magical Conversations by assessing a natural style of dynamic communication to use in the business as well as at home.

Where to engage this creativity approach using an innovative mapping tool, the Gender Dynamics© Map, that effectively empowers all parties.


Measurable Deliverables

Easy Access to identify and embrace diversity in men and women of all cultures, generations, orientations, ethnicities and abilities so that conversations flow and working together becomes an imperative not a ‘nice-to-have’!

Consistent Engagement and creativity performance improvements with all parties and all diversities are gained through using Magical Conversation techniques that embrace all people and perspectives.

Increased Ability to overcome differences that block progress in business today through healthy team relationships and increased workplace collaboration.

Workforce Achievement of a long-term, healthy and efficient collaborative environment where there is greatly reduced liability.

Avoid Arbitration, damaged reputations, and severe financial losses with a staff trained in the art of Magical Conversations, benefitting inter-office interactions and, ultimately improving the customer experience.


” In a world where we seem to have got so many things wrong, Pauline’s approach to business is a welcome and refreshing lifeline.”


“Pauline is inspirational! I had the rare privilege of being involved in one of her Magical Conversations in London, together with a group of distinguished business leaders. Her emotional maturity and calm, but persuasive leadership style, is quite something to behold. But what makes Pauline unique is her deep understanding of feminine energy and intuition present in most organizations, but often suppressed by more domineering masculine energy. In a world where we seem to have got so many things wrong, Pauline’s approach to business is a welcome and refreshing lifeline.”

Mike Haupt, CEO, Noetic Business

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