Can we reach beyond the confusion of #metoo? It’s time to talk to men!

MEN OF THE FUTURE NOW – what do they think about men today?


My studies have given me insights to share with you… and many fascinating ah-ha moments into the possible barriers that men find as they traverse the business and life divide.  These insights may help women who seek to rise higher in their careers in an era of #metoo pressure when they wish to present what might seem an over aggressive (to men) business presence and yet they are truly wishing to merely use their professional talents to their best advantage AND still maintain a balanced lifestyle that embraces family life.  Men want a balanced life too only their perspective is different.

During 2018, I have interviewed men – in total so far 36 men – across the world (UK, US, Australia, NZ and Canada) since June of this year asking them about ‘what do men think is happening for men today’ All ages and varied sectors, these men all wanted to share how they feel emotionally, practically and even about the desire for and intimate partner. Both professionally and socially, these results are revealing;

  • Men are confused today and not sure what to do over fear of overstepping unseen boundaries with women
  • Men would like to just be who they are and not smothered (by women)
  • Men want to be emotional and manly as well
  • Men do not want to be seen as a threat before proved otherwise (a direct outcome of metoo stories)
  • Men says they are simple/straight forward (compared to women) and happily so
  • Men are unsure of the definition of their role today

Men are pleased to asked and be interviewed and to share their views without any bias or judgement. I am honored that so many came onto my zoom screen and were happy to share their views.  Now it’s time for women and men to listen and share too – without judgement, without anger and without urgency to pressure for actions until agreement is reached ~#itstimetotalk 

Here is the 36th interview, the last of 2018. The other 35 are on my face-book page Pauline T Crawford-Omps. These will be edited and aired on Magical Conversation TV soon to be launched in 2019. Men and women together need to raise the bar now and share the next level of conversation – with no judgement, no anger and no urgency to pressure actions.  My book Magical Conversations – Transforming Conflict into Collaboration – will be published on January 1st 2019…. #magicalconversations #genderdynamics 

Watch my latest interview here with Rob Cooper…

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