Men of the Future … are you here now?

Unless you’re a man who has been living in a cave for the last year, you will be aware of the quantum shift taking place for you in today’s professional world. No such thing as business as usual especially for men.


It’s tough for men, especially senior men who are often making major adjustments from traditional perspectives. They are being asked to navigate the new work life dynamics occurring when working with mixed gender cultures, women asserting themselves, and different generations holding perspectives that clash with theirs. Male leaders report that they are more unsure than ever as to how to negotiate their way through the ripple effects of the #metoo movement and rising cases of big payouts on sexual harassment legal actions. Men advocating for women to move to the top can taken a back slide where fear creeps in. It’s time to take a major review of today’s business culture. Maybe a new baseline blueprint that shifts awareness for both men and women is the way to engage everyone in a new creative conversation. In order to achieve this, men need to be open minded to a more flexible, adaptable, collaborative diverse world, and to navigate the MIND-Field of professional and domestic relationships. They still want to be viable competitors in the challenging game of life.

Many wise men today want to reassess their masculinity in communication, using greater sensitivity and still retaining authority. It’s increasingly difficult to exert a more masculine-style influence and still be perceived fairly. Now a pioneering Gender Dynamics Map is here to help men achieve a meaningful, masculine manner that fluently integrates instinctive emotions and logic. This pioneering blueprint encompasses the complete territories of male and female with a 360 degree view of all diversity. This is integral to a new program facilitated by Dr Pauline Crawford-Omps the creator of the blueprint, an international Speaker and Author of the book ‘Who’s in Charge?’ to be published later this year.

Men – It’s time to eliminate the barriers that bar your way to fulfillment and material success. Join a new program launching in California, location Irvine Orange County in the first set of dates. Next it will tour to your location and go online over zoom sessions.


Men of the Future …NOW Call for more details – Location Irvine, near Spectrum Center, Orange County CALIFORNIA

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