Harmonizing Men and Women in the Workplace and Beyond

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Who is Miss Magical Conversations?

My Story

Pauline Crawford-Omps

Making Conversations Magical for Over 2 Decades


Pauline Crawford-Omps, PhD

President of World Association of Visioneers and Entreprenologists.


I’m Pauline Crawford-Omps, known as #MissMagicalConversations. Having studied behavior and conversation around the world, I share with you a new way to navigate and enhance your relationships, business, social, family and intimate.

After 30 years studying and working with people, I designed The Gender Dynamics Map and a formula for Magical Conversations that can take all the fear and blocks away that stop you from succeeding in all you do. It maps the new territory that men and women now share as we live and work in joint income families and with the desire to create our own destiny. The map is inclusive of all parties, all male and female diversity,
generational, cultural and sexual orientations. Everyone is somewhere on the map. My goal is to help you understand who you are, where you are on the map and show you how to reach other people as you live, love and work together.


My mission is all for generations, cultures and sexual variations to map the MIND-Field of relationships, communication and conversations so that life success in all matters, health, wealth and wisdom, is inevitable. This is a serious consideration given the issues of today's world, where anger and misunderstanding often prove obstacles to the results we seek.

As an International Speaker and Founder of Corporate Heart UK, a Performance Consultancy, with 30-year experience, I have many well-studied stories and techniques to share from Corporate UK, Asia Pacific and currently US base. I'm passionate about people, love to show them their natural potential and enable their magnificence to shine at work so that their whole life improves and so does everyone and everything they touch. I have designed a simple blueprint to use which covers all complexity of male/female and masculine /feminine continuums, a 360° view of our natural behavioural traits. I share this map to enable you to grow and succeed in every situation. By knowing your Gender Dynamics Map personality characteristics, you can more easily build a successful life and business.

I'm a business psychologist, sociologist, statistician, entreprenologist, image consultant and entrepreneur, educator and change-maker. I am married to my second husband, American Veteran, Dr. Jim Omps in 2011.  We are residing now in California, since January 2018, after 4 years in Malaysia. I have founded Gender Dynamics International to spread the word about my work. My experience comes from a life time in the UK, and 25 years consulting to UK corporations, as well as my 4 years working in Asia Pacific and learning that people are people everywhere and all of us want to live in a state of love not fear. My vision is to bring you new perspectives from my world travels, and my passion is to enable you to enjoy life a whole lot easier and more meaningful... and maybe a little more fun!

Pauline’s experiences come from a life-long passion for people – helping others help themselves

Pauline is and avid infographic artist.

  • 25 years as a successful consultant, with a primary expertise in Gender Dynamics© programs, seminars and courses.
  • Her career includes work in tourism, marketing, creative design, image consultancy, and business psychology.
  • She leads High-Impact Communication Workshops, Magical Conversations© and Gender Intelligence Leadership©.
  • Pauline has also developed well researched models, concepts, tools and techniques and conducted seminars in the UK and Europe on Wellness Cultures, Performance and Employee Engagement.
  • Her PhD research into Wellness Cultures in 2004/5 covered 12 public and private companies, results were presented at the Department of Trade and Industry in 2004.


  • Lived in Malaysia (2013-2017) working with the Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development, MyWIN Academy, West Star Aviation and BAC Education group at Brickfield Asia College in Kuala Lumpur.
  • UK Clients cover all sectors and include Barclays, HP Consulting, eBay, BT, Marriott, Innovation Norway, Urenco, London Metropolitan University and many more.
  • Now residing in California, Pauline brings her consultancy experience and facilitation expertise together to bring a new perspective to the boardrooms of the world, where men and women come together to form diverse communities and new ways of merging life and business success.

Recognized by

Pauline Crawford Omps Awarded by Riverside County Board of Superintendents