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About Pauline’s Approach to Transformation…

Working with men and women across a wide range of sectors to achieve sustainable results through developing their passion, purpose and perseverance, Pauline has gained a deep understanding and an inside view of the stresses and strains of business today. She prides herself on adaptability and creativity to bring new perspectives to help thousands of professional over the last 30 years. Inspiring confidence and business/life balance is part of Pauline’s expertise as a corporate consultant and behavioural expert in the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific. She has travelled widely and worked with senior men and women in traditional and entrepreneurial businesses from the boardroom to the shop floor. She currently works from her US base to an international audience.

Pauline’s unique approach blends discovery tools, personality awareness and cognitive tactics to lead clients to success. This unique development ‘changemaker’ approach is always aligned to your personal and professional quest as she guides you to discover your best value.


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Strategies of Executive Change-Making

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 From the Boardroom - to the Bedroom...

The Problem with Communication in the Workplace and the World

Dr. Pauline Crawford-Omps

Conversations in the Workplace. Can men and women listen to each other and set loving intentions to collaborate and co-create?  Do you work with difficult people? Do you have trouble relating to the opposite (or same sex)?  We all need to shift the game at home and work.  #ItsTime


Gender Dynamics.. Who's in Charge?

THE GENDER DYNAMICS OF LOVE gives you the control when you face that question “WHO’S IN CHARGE?” and goes far deeper than the usual ‘men versus women’ debate.


 Ambassador of Magical Conversations

Leading Magical Conversations Circles, and developing Key Facilitators and Ambassador Hosts across the world. Her passion is to influence the world to transform through this magical and mindful practice.


Creator of Gender Dynamics©

Working with a new perspective for recognizing authentic gender understanding, and productive communication between men and women to enhance collaboration and good relationships, Pauline offers workshop programs, one-on-one coaching and situational advice live over Skype or other online services.


International Conference Speaker

Drawing on 30 years’ experience of appearing on TV, radio and conference platforms – her keynote is Magical Conversations, a New Language for Success… plus a range of past topics such as performance excellence, women in the boardroom, gender dynamics, the succession of women, entreprenology, cultures of wellness, and leadership wisdom.


Magical Conversation TV 

Hosting conversations with male and female leaders to explore and share their viewpoints, possibilities and visions, enabling new solutions to emerge.


Executive Change-Maker

Tailoring development sessions for individuals and groups, covering behavioural change, business psychology, emotional confidence, professional reputation, image, presence, relationship management, conversation techniques, and gender dynamics to increase an individual’s success rate 100%.

Interview-Host (1)

International Conference Host

Chairing key events and workshops, for clients across the world, for forums, debates and interactive large scale conversations on topical issues such as gender diversity, inclusion, wellness, collaborative working and sustainability.

AWARD-WEF-2017 (1)

Corporate Heart Changemaker

Transforming diverse behaviour and mindset for her corporate clients so that a culture of conversations can deliver significant results. This is wellness on an inclusive scale throughout an organisation, influencing not only greater standards for performance excellence and creative results but also the health of all employees. For more details

Case Study #1

Working with a Millennial, a staff teacher, having problems with her headmistress, male. She felt that he overlooked her. She did not want to be aggressive so tended to remain silent and angry.

After our session, she realised he is a ‘bullet points’ masculine male. She simplified her approach to him, listened, summarized his points and gained his approval, from then on, he gave her more time.

Case Study #2

Working with a senior male client, and his relationship with his grown-up daughter, they had distant since bereavement of his wife, her mother. He is not sure why or how to fix it. Exploring his gender dynamics, he realized he was invading her territory. By adapting his language from “tell” to “ask and share”, their relationship improved 100%.


Pauline's ability to work with a wide range of personalities in a large, newly formed team was highly effective and practical; her style is sensitive to personal issues yet highly focused on the professional excellence I desired from the team. It was especially significant for me as the Business Manager to learn how differently colleagues perceived each other and me, and how this had caused performance in the team to be ineffective. 

It was noticeable that the atmosphere across the whole team lightened and improved one hundred-fold; and that over a year later the change in many people is sustainable in a manner
that I have not experienced with other programs.  Pauline has a wealth of experience about business as well as the people and this enhances the sustainability of the result. Her skill to reach an eclectic audience always creates tangible benefits for everyone.

Diane McNulty, Business
Manager, Metropolitan Police, London

Pauline has a unique understanding of the differences in communication and thoughts patterns between men and women. She can add value to any business that aims to improve diversity, leverage on women talent and develop a more productive workforce. She designed an inspirational workshop by interviewing three of the most senior women, and she was able to obtain from them very valuable feedback on how more junior employees can improve their career. Again, she demonstrated how men and women can engage better with each other by adapting their style to the masculine/feminine personality of the recipient. She also suggested the styles and words that we can use to obtain greater results when conveying important messages.

In view of the unique engagement with the audience, expertise and value that she can add to a company, I have no hesitation in recommending Pauline to any company that wishes to improve the retention of women talents. Thank you so much for all the magic you brought to my life!

Giuliana Bruce

Barclays, London

Pauline led the discussion superbly, bringing out the key themes, challenging at the right times,
whilst managing also to keep the audience involved and engaged. A very stimulating event to
participate in.”

Cathy Turner, HR Director

Barclays Bank

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