TOUGH or TENDER – how do you create conversations that matter and that embrace diversity to the mutual benefit of all? My first book is out, it’s a straightforward review of life as I see it, hear it and feel it. It’s about the possibility that we can together create magical conversations that are contributions to a new way of working together.

Is it possible that we can all find a way around the table – whether it’s the boardroom table, the team table, or the canteen table -and manage the interaction of intentions and expectations to forge a dialogue of understanding?

I am interested to know whether your conversations are TOUGH or TENDER? I awoke today with this visual. The steak overcooked is TOUGH hard to cut, too chewy and not edible while the TENDER steak can be too soft, too underdone, and has to be perfectly timed by the chef; too long and it’s overdone, too soon and it is bloody.

Conversations between people can be full of TOUGH misunderstandings, so pause and reflect on the TENDER balance you can bring to your table. Don’t misuse the tender parts to cause distress. Yin and Yang cooking together makes the best steak! MAGICAL CONVERSATIONS BOOK available on AMAZON



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